Memorandum with Telasi


"Telasi" and Georgian Technical University signed memorandum of cooperation.

On June 12, 2018, memorandum of cooperation was signed between “Telasi” and Georgian Technical University. The document was signed by the Rector of the University - Archil Prangishvili and "Telasi" Director General - Sergei Kobtsev.

The Memorandum envisages cooperation in the field of education and science; Implementation of joint educational projects providing companies with relevant specialists; Raising qualifications of "Telasi" staff; Introduce new technologies, scientific research and projects. According to "Telasi" director general Sergei Kobetsev, this memorandum is another example of mutually beneficial cooperation between the company and the university.

Rector of the GTU Archil Prangishvili highlighted creation of a joint polygon, which will prepare high voltage electrical engineers. “We will start building this polygon in the nearest future"- said Archil Prangishvili.

The cooperation agreement between "Telasi" and GTU was first signed in May 2006. Within the premises of the agreement the students of Power Engineering Faculty were able to get the internships in Telasi and the successful students were provided with the jobs. With the financial support of "Telasi", in 2010 a modern training center for the development of electric power sector specialists was opened at Georgian Technical University. As a result of the functioning of the Center, students of the GTU Faculty of Power Engineering are undergoing practical training in working with high-tech equipment and technical personnel of "Telasi" and other energy companies operating in Georgia undergo a professional qualification raising and retraining course.


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