29 Jan

Attention students!

From January 30 to February 4, the submission of documentary material, course projects, and the recovery of intermediate and current grades for students on an individual teaching schedule are carried out
29 Jan

Information day

Information day - in the direction of research infrastructures
29 Jan

Student's public lecture

On January 21, Lana Ramishvili, a graduate student of the Faculty of Business Technologies of GTU, gave a lecture to the students
29 Jan

Final exams

The table of final exams of the Faculty of Business Technologies for the first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year has been published
29 Jan

ERASMUS+ exchange programs

ERASMUS+ exchange programs: Kaunas University and Wrocław University
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Join the Global English Language Olympiad for non-native speakers


Georgian Technical University students are invited to participate in the Global English Language Olympiad for non-native speakers.
The free online test evaluates students' reading and listening comprehension skills.
Each participant will be awarded a personal certificate indicating the level of English language proficiency and guaranteed prizes from sponsors. TOP 500 participants will receive the IELTS Express course. The main prize: $1000 scholarship.
See the link for details