The ABET GTU accreditation Commision meeting at SDSU Georgia on 14 of March


The ABET GTU accreditation committee had a meeting with the Dean of SDS Georgia (at SDSU Georgia office), Mr.Nodar Ssurguladze (MCC Georgia) and Prof. Hashemipour, several points were discussed, like:

First presentation of Prof. Sandrotalked about Assessment methods of the students during the semester that we have 100 score max, weekly report, mid-term exams on VII & XIV weeks, final projects , process of the assessment , tests, open questions, writing thesis and …

Then Presentation of Prof.Niko was mainly about General approach GTUtowards ABETAccreditation process ,GTU strategic plan toward getting accreditation and ..

After all Prof. Irina Gotsiridze Head of Department of Biomedical Engineering presented new bachelor program for ABET accreditation.



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