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Hello everybody. I am Tornike Kakhetelidze, MSc student in Biomedical Engineering at Georgian Technical University. Here, I met people who encourage and help me to better understand how to direct my education and with this chance I woud like to convey my gratitude to Dr. Irina Gotsiridze, Dr. Paata Kervalishvili and Eramus + Team (who are always ready to provide support).

I’ve taken part in Erasmus + project, which includes internship for students. During my internship I was working about LiquidO project at Paris-Saclay University, excatly in IJCLab(Laboratory of the Physics of the two infinities Irène Joliot-Curie). Firstly, I met Mr. Sergey Barsuk who is CNRS research director at IJCLab and he helped me to find my place in the laboratory. In IJCLab I was with Giulia Hull who is research enginner (She is one of my favorite person in whole world who i have seen ever). Also, In the laboratory I met people with who i’m fall in love! It’s impossible to explain these team by words. Thay are different. All days, All hours, All seconds I was happy durign working.

The Liquid scintillator detector (LSD) has been widely used for neutrino detection. Recently a new detection technique has been introduced. LiquidO  is based on the use of opaque scintillator. In my internship activity I worked with the ProtO test bench. ProtO is an experimental set-up used to optimize the LiquidO design. We use ProtO to test different solutions and optimize the detector design: Fiber/SiPM coupling system, fiber fixing solution, tension to be applied on the fibers and catenary, effect of fiber cutting and polishing and light reflection at the fiber end.  All of the experiences give me huge motivation to continue my education and become better.
Thanks a lot!
Tornike Kakhetelidze

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