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Department of International Relations


I would like to inform you that in the 2021-2022 academic year I participated in the competition of the Erasmus+ exchange program and won the right of mobility as an administrative staff at Istanbul Bilgi University. My visit to Istanbul Bilgi University took place fr om June 27 to July 1, 2022.

Within the framework of the visit, the activities planned under the mobility agreement were successfully implemented, in particular:

1. Meeting with the members of the Department of International Relations Selin Meral and  Jeren Aydemir.  Other forms of mutual cooperation between universities besides Erasmus were discussed with them, including the possibility of exchanging students under a bilateral agreement. They provided detailed information about possible material and technical resources for above-mentioned possibilities.

2. Meeting with representatives of the Faculty of Law, including professors. Together with the Faculty of Law, specific international scientific and educational events were planned, in particular:
  • In regard with student mobility, the study courses offered in English by both parties at the undergraduate and graduate levels were introduced. The existence of English courses gives students of the Faculty of Law of both universities the opportunity to successfully implement mobility for one semester, both through the Erasmus+ program and on the basis of a bilateral agreement.
  • Organization of joint moot courts in the field of international law, at the first stage only between the students of these two universities, and after the successful implementation of the project within the black sea region. 
  • Conducting  public lectures by academic staff, currently online.
  • According on the initiative of one of the Professors, Dolunay Ozberg, Organization of the annual joint international scientific conference – Political and legal challenges of the Black Sea region - in the autumn of every year, wh ere not only the academic staff and PhD students of Georgia Technical University and Istanbul Bilgi University, but also the academic staff and doctoral students of accredited universities in the region can participate.

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