Erasmus+ International Week - Course on Materials Science at SUT

07-06-2018 On May 21-25, at Silesian University of Technology - SUT (Gliwice, Poland) was conducted Erasmus+ International Week, where Assoc. Prof. Tamar Loladze from GTU Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy had been participating.

48 representatives of 21 countries’ Universities from all over the world participated in the International Week, including Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Russia, Honduras, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Suriname, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, Montenegro, Costa Rica, Uruguay, etc.

Erasmus+ International Week participants visited SUT Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre, campuses, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and its laboratories, attended practical and laboratory studies, faculty and laboratory leaders introduced their achievements in academic and scientific fields.

Within Erasmus+ mobility GTU Assoc. Prof. Tamar Loladze delivered public lectures to PhD students at the Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy in Katowice campus covering the following topics: Composite materials, Nanopowders and coatings, Special Purpose Materials. Herewith she made presentations about educational and scientific activities of Georgian Technical University and the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy and took part in the discussions as well.

Georgian Professor visited the laboratory of nanotechnology, equipped with the latest installations, the Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy and the Faculty of Transport in Katowice campus; She has visited the labs at the Faculties and got acquainted with the rich experience of Polish colleagues.

During the working meetings with Prof. Janusz Richter and Prof. Aleksander Sladkowski along with other Polish colleagues and representatives of various universities were discussed the opportunities of future cooperation in education and research.

The International Week was conducted within Erasmus+ KA107 mobility project coordinated by SUT. It should be noted that Associate Professor of Georgian Technical University was selected by the Coordinator University among the partner Georgian universities to participate in the mobility at SUT.


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