ESN Tbilisi ISU - New Mentoring Programme “Study Buddy” for International Students


ESN Tbilisi ISU is providing new mentoring Programme “Study Buddy” for international students, with the intention to encourage the contact and exchange between international and Georgian students and so the intercultural life at the universities. 

Two students (International and Georgian) get in touch due to similar interests and languages. 

Incoming students are suggested to fill the form if they want to: 

  • meet local Georgian students;

  • get inside knowledge about Georgia, especially about Tbilisi;

  • spend free time together with others or know, what you can do in your free time in Tbilisi;

  • get some support, when you need to go to departments.

Noteworthy, that ESN Tbilisi ISU is a non-governmental organization which works in the interest of international students coming to Tbilisi.

ESN Tbilisi ISU contacts:

Mob: +995 558 63 55 15





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