Georgian Technical University transferred students to an individual study schedule


Georgian Technical University has transferred students to an individual study schedule. The University will start midterm exams on May 16 and resume the educational process on May 23.

At the initiative of GTU Rector, Professor Davit Gurgenidze, for the second semester of the 2021-2022 academic year, the Academic Council considered the issue of transferring students to the individual education program in the current semester and on April 17, 2022, adopted Decision N01-05-04/30, according to which students at all three levels, in the current semester, as in the previous semester, will study in the format of an individual educational program.

University students who are not able to be fully involved in the educational process will be able to restore current activities, laboratory courses in a hybrid mode before the start of the examination process, taking into account the individual educational program.

“In the conditions of the improved Covid Pandemic, by the decision of the Rector of the Georgian Technical University, the Department of Education has developed an examination format that is most tailored to the interests of students. In the hybrid format, students were given the opportunity to take the final exams in a form acceptable to them at the moment - online or live - at the Auditorium and the Technical University Examination Computer Centre. We also look into account the interests of those students who did not have access to the Internet. In the conditions of the pandemic, the university has always tried and still tries to support the students' education, so that the knowledge gained at the Georgian Technical University can guarantee their progress in the future", says Tamar Tsereteli, Associate Professor, Head of the GTU Department of Education.



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