On the 30th of October with the support of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Institute TECHINFORMI of the Georgian Technical University conducts online Seminar for Agriculture Sector Specialists and Scientists



International System for Agricultural Science and Technology

On the 30th of October at 12:00 AM, with the support of FAO an online seminar concerning AGRIS (International System for Agricultural Research and Technology) will be conducted by the Institute Techinformi of the Georgian Technical University.


AGRIS is the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology, a multilingual bibliographic database that connects users directly to a rich collection of research and worldwide technical information on food and agriculture.  AGRIS provides free access to more than 12 million bibliographic

records, including over 1 500 datasets. Most of the AGRIS records are indexed by AGROVOC, the FAO multilingual thesaurus and also indexed by Google Scholar.

TECHINFORMI is the AGRIS National Centre and the information suppliers’ hub in Georgia, regularly placing abstracts of Georgian scientific works in the AGRIS system.


The seminar is dedicated to the essence of AGRIS system, the principles of its management and use for enhancing for the international community awareness and visibility of the scientific products available in the agriculture sector of Georgia.

The seminar will consider the problems associated with the retrieval of scientific works of the agriculture sector of Georgia, their sorting, standardization and bringing into compliance for registration in the AGRIS international database.

The seminar workshop is designated for university and academic institution scientists, librarians, publishers, agricultural and research professionals.

The seminar will be led by Nelly Makhviladze, Director of the Institute TECHINFORMI and Marina Razmadze, Deputy Director.


Those willing to attend please join the event at below link: meet.google.com/xfi-jtud-fdx

Or connect through e-mail: razmadze.m@gtu.ge


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