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Information for the foreign citizens that are studying or are planning to start studying at Georgian Technical University


Having the Covid situation in the World-wide and in Georgia particularly, all foreigners that will cross the Georgian border for to continue studies at the Georgian Technical University must get through the following mandatory procedures:

  1.  PCR test, related to Covid-19;
  2. Quarantine;
  3. To get Covid-19 medical insurance in Georgia.
  4. Cover quarantine and related costs;

The approximate total cost related to the above mentioned procedures is 750 USD equivalents in GEL.

Entry to Georgia

The person receives a permit to enter and reside in Georgia in accordance with the procedures established by the law, by registering in the electronic program (e-program) of the Georgian Government.

Registration in the e-program is available on the website -, where is possible to fill the registration special application online form – “The Registration form of Foreign Students Entering Georgia”

Any person who already has the status of a student of any operating higher educational institution of Georgia must have a valid residence permit issued in accordance with the local legislation.

At the stage of entry into the territory of Georgia he/she must to have Health Insurance issued by any acting in Georgia insurance company (which implies cover of costs of corona virus treatment in Georgia)

The persons will be able to find relevant information regarding consent or refusal on entry into Georgia on the website -  .


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