Project InnoCENS - GTU Innovation Competition

25-01-2019 Georgian Technical University announces GTU Innovation Competition within the framework of Erasmus+ project InnoCENS (573965-EPP-1-2016-1-SE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) funded by the European Commission.

GTU students and graduates, as well as academic/administrative staff, who have innovative entrepreneurial ideas and wish to transform them into business projects are welcome to participate in Innovation Competition. Participants of the competition can be individual persons or teams (with maximum of 3 members and at least one of them should be a GTU student).

The aim of the competition is to encourage innovations and development of new technologies, to promote interest in research commercialization at the university environment and to help individuals, who have innovative project ideas but do not have sufficient know-how and financial means.

Planned activities within the competition:
- Selection of participants and conducting certified training for them;
- Development of business ideas through incubation and moderation, with the participation of trainers with relevant qualification;
- Hold the final stage of the competition and reveal the winner.

The winner of the GTU Innovation Competition will take part in the International Competition that is to be conducted at Valencia Polytechnic University (Spain) in September 2019 within the Project InnoCENS. The winner of this International Competition will be awarded the prize and travel to Astana (Kazakhstan) to attend Awarding Ceremony in October 2019, which will be held during the final event of the Project InnoCENS.

The competition project is funded entirely by the European Commission, within the Erasmus+ Project InnoCENS - Enhacing Innovation Competences and Entrepreneurial Skills in Engineering Education.

It is noteworthy that Project InnoCENS is coordinated by Swedish Royal Institute of Technology – KTH. The main objective of the project is to enhance innovation competences and entrepreneurial skills in engineering education through university-business cooperation in order to support creation of new enterprises, new jobs and economic growth in the partner countries: Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Georgian Technical University is a Local Coordinator of the project in Georgia. The institutional coordination of the project at Georgian Technical University is carried out by GTU International Relations and Standards Office. GTU Innovations Competition is being conducted under the aegis of GTU Innovations Center, which was founded within institutional development component of the project InnoCENS, based on the decision of GTU Academic Council.

The main partners of the competition at Georgian Technical University are GTU Students’ Self-Government and Department of Social Issues, Sports and Culture. The event is coordinated with GTU Commercialization Department as well.

Online registration deadline is March 17, 2019.

For more information about the GTU Innovation Competition please contact GTU Innovations Center (GTU administrative building, II floor, room N221; room N223).


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