Project PRINTeL - TOT Training Courses on Innovation Pedagogy at Linköping University

18-12-2018 On December 2-9, GTU Associate Professors Manuchar Shishinashvili (Faculty of Civil Engineering) and Boris Gitolendia (Faculty of Transportation and Mechanical Engineering) had been participating in TOT training course related to innovative pedagogy within EU funded Erasmus+ project PRINTeL. The TOT training course was organized at project European partner Linköping University (Sweden).
ToT Training Course was related to the issues of active teaching – Flipped Classroom (Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom).

Together with the representatives of Georgian Technical University, representatives of PRINTeL project consortium member universities from Sweden, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus attended the study course in Sweden, totally 18 participants from 9 universities.

Intensive training course included different kind of activities, sessions and lectures (ALC session); study visits; practical and team working; team and individual presentations and role games. The trainings also contained redesign of lecture courses and practical works for creating video lectures.

The main topic of training-seminars was about innovative pedagogy, teaching and learning of Flipped Classroom method and developing relevant skills of this method as well as the methods and models of Flipped Classroom teaching. During the training were considered necessary skills and competencies to access open online sources. The training course was entirely based on Linköping University experience and good practice.
The training-seminars took place at Teaching Staff Development Center of Linköping University - "Didacticum” (TSDC). The training course was guided by the professional trainers and academic staff of Swedish University: Prof. Janerik Lundquist, PRINTeL coordinator at Linköping University; Assistant Manager Peter Dalenius, course leader  at TSDC Didacticum; Gunvor Larsson Torstensdotter, Manager at TSDC Didacticum and other Professors from Linköping University.

At the end of the intensive and busy practical and lecture courses, after evaluation of final project, the participants, including GTU representatives were awarded with the relevant TOT Certificates.

It should be noted that GTU Professors should share their knowledge and experience gained from TOT training and train their Georgian colleagues through the training organized at the Technical University and aimed at promoting the innovative pedagogic elements in GTU within 3 months after the course completion abroad.

For further information on the Project PRINTeL (Project PRINTel – “Change in Classroom: Promoting Innovative Teaching and Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries”), visit the official website of the Project PRINTel and the website of GTU International Relations and Standards Office.


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