Erasmus+ - Course on Drupal, Data Reporting and Visualization at Kiel and Aalen Universities of Applied Sciences

30-07-2018 On 29 April – 12 May, Assoc. Prof. Mikheil Kantaria (GTU Faculty of Business Technology) visited Kiel and Aalen Universities of Applied Sciences (Germany) within Erasmus+ KA107 mobility projects coordinated by mentioned universities.

During April 29 - May 5 he visited Kiel University of Applied Sciences and had been conducting course of lectures for postgraduate students. The topic of the course was Drupal. Data Reporting and Visualization.

It is noteworthy that the students could earn 2,5 ECTS for this course in case of completing the final project. GTU young scientist had delivered  this course at Kiel university during last two years and it definitely became one of the most popular courses among the local students. Like previous year’s session, Assoc. Prof. Kantaria had a full class with 20 participants. It is worth mentioning, there was a need in running a selection process because there were more students willing to attend the class (23) than the spaces allocated (20). The course had an intense schedule.

During his mobility stay at Kiel University of Applied Sciences Mr. Kantaria had working meetings with his German collagues sharing experience in game development, robotics and IoT. During these meetings he had discussions on how to best implement these leading technologies in Georgia. He also presented his research and works in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), web-development, and Augmented Reality (AR). At the same time young Georgian researcher had an opportunity to show them some of his innovative works winners of different hackathons (these were the projects Mixer and Social Cube).

During his mobility at at Aalen University of Applied Sciences (6-12 May) he delivered the course for the students of informatics and economics on Drupal. Data reporting and visualization with Q&A sessions.

At Aalen University Mr. Kantaria met fellow scientists with whom he discussed the latest technological advances. As GTU Professors asked, the university organised an open lecture on the IoT.

At working meeting with the Head of e-Learning Department, Georgian researcher presented his project Mixer. They discussed the possibilities for further cooperation as well.

At Media lab meeting Georgian and German colleagues shared experience on one of the latest and trendiest technologies nowadays which is AR. GTU delegation was kindly invited to the experimental and interactive museum Explorino. Such projects are unique and can definitely be of a great influence on the young generation of Georgian physicists.

When meeting the Coordinator at Aalen University iof Applied Sciences Mr. Kantaria presented his innovative research and received positive feedback for further cooperation in research activities.


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