GTU PhD Student Tamar Khoshtaria's Scientific-Research Visit in Lisbon

13-08-2017 On 10-20 July, 2017 Tamar Khoshtaria, architect and 2nd year PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design of Georgian Technical University visited Lisbon, Portugal within Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation PhD educational programs grant (Grant No. PhDF2016_201) and with institutional support of Tempus Rethink Program.

During the visit Georgian PhD student participated in various international scientific events: On 11-14 July - in AESOP Congress (Association of European Schools of Planning) and on 12 - 15 July – in PROHITECH’17 3rd International Conference on Protection of Historical Constructions. The events were organized by IST (Instituto Superior Técnico), IGOT (Geography and Spatial Planning Institute) and FA (FAUL, Faculty of Architecture), three schools of the University of Lisbon and with support of various institutions, such as  University of Naples Federico II, FUNDEC - Association for Training and Development of Civil Engineering and Architecture, CERIS (Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability), etc.

On 11 July, at AESOP Congress Tamar Khoshtaria presented „Analyze of South Georgian Healthcare Tourism Cluster Comparing with German and Hungarian Examples of the Regional Planning of Resort Cities” (the authors: T. Khoshtaria, N. Chachava, G. Nahrendorf, V. Csizmadiáné Czuppon, A. Malerba), published online (189-190 pp.). At AESOP General Assembly was presented new management of the Association of European Schools of Planning.

On 14 July she took part in PROHITECH’17 conference and her presentation „Architectural Heritage of Small Resort Cities in Southern Georgia, Samtskhe-Javakheti Region“ became very interesting in regard of tourism and recreation settlements problems and prospects (see conference link, 43 p.).
Architectural heritage of Georgia fostered important perspectives of future cooperation and PROHITECH’17 organizers sent Thankful Letter to Georgian Technical University for its contribution to the successful conference.

During her stay in Lisbon, young Georgian scientist visited Instituto Superior Technico and Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon as well, where she learned outstanding traditions and modern approaches of Portuguese architectural and engineering science in the field of sustainable urbanism.


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