Successful example of public and private partnership at GTU

07-07-2017 On 5th July, Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Aleksandre Jejelava; CEO of Millennium Challenge Account, Ms. Magda Maghradze and General Manager of BP Georgia, Mr. Chris Shliter visited Georgian Technical University, where they inspected modern laboratory equipped in frames of Georgian Technical Training Center (GTTC) and got acquainted with the ongoing training process of teachers.

Georgian Technical Training Center is one of the successful examples of public and private partnership. The reconstruction of the center is financed fr om the state budget, whereas equipping with modern laboratories and raising the qualification of teachers is carried out through financing the project by Millennium Challenge Account and cooperation with BP Georgia. The total cost of the project is 5.5 million USD, from which 2.3 million USD is a grant allocated by Millennium Challenge Account, and the rest amount is the co-financing of the state and private sector.

Georgian Technical Training Center will start its functioning from Fall 2017 in new completely adapted building, wh ere students will master modern professions required on labor market: mechanic engineering technician, high voltage electrician, mechatronics technician and industrial automation technician. All programs are compatible with the European standards and successful graduates, together with the diploma of vocational education, will receive German certificate recognized at the international level.

The first laboratory of the GTTC is purchased from German leading company - Festo through contribution of BP Georgia. The laboratory is placed in the premises of the GTU administrative building with aim to conduct training of teachers. The total value of a purchased German laboratory is 578,991 USD. At present, the professors of GTU are being trained by the foreign specialists in the laboratory.


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