Erasmus+ - Lecture-Workshop "Ceramics: a Material of Past and Future"

26-04-2017 On 28 April, at 13:00 pm, at GTU International Design School (Kostava str., 75, GTU VIII building), Assistant Professor Özgür Cengiz (Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey) will deliver lecture-workshop "Ceramics: a material of past and future".

The workshop is conducted within Erasmus+ mobility project, coordinated by Afyon Kocatepe University - AKU. Mrs. Özgür Cengiz is visiting GTU within Erasmus+ mobility for teaching activities (24 - 28 April) delivering lectures on ceramics and ceramic tiles. Mrs. Özgür Cengiz gave presentation about Afyon and her home Afyon Kocatepe University to GTU administration and academic staff as well.

Mrs. Özgür Cengiz is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Ceramic of Fine Arts at AKU. Field of her scientific activities relates to ceramics and its processing.


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