CERN - HSF Visualization Workshop

20-04-2017 On 28 March GTU Georgian Engineering Center (GET) participated in HSF Visualization workshop organized by HEP Software Foundation (HSF) and held at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).

Worlds leading universities, including University of Chicago (US), University of Massachusetts (US), University of Bristol (GB), University of Notre Dame (US) participated in the workshop.

The goal of this workshop was the presentation of the current trends of the HEP visualization software and sharing experience and best practices among the participants as well.

GET participated in visualization session of the workshop, with the scope of Visual representation of event data overlaid with detector geometry for the purpose of  HEP research and presented ATLAS Tracer, web-based 3D application for ATLAS outreach and education, which helps us with visualization of Detector facilities and events.

ATLAS Tracer uses latest web technologies to build CAD like application in the Browser. Therefore it is an independent platform and no installation is required.


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